Dear Citizens,

Once again, I am very pleased and proud to announce that for the 7th year in a row since becoming Sheriff, the Navarro County Jail has passed The Texas Commission On Jail Standards annual jail inspection.  There is no warning of when an inspection will take place. We only know it will be conducted sometime during the year.  I give credit to all the hard working supervisors and employees of our Detention Division as it is not easy to keep up with the numerous state rules and regulations while continuing to maintain a 31-year old facility. Keeping maintenance and operational costs at a minimum, maintaining an average of 242 prisoners per day and all that goes with, I can assure you, is no easy task. I commend those in my detention staff who continue to work together, diligently as a team to maintain the daily operations of the facility.  I truly do appreciate and thank each one of you for a job well done.

We are very appreciative of the consideration and thoughtfulness shown by those who came by bringing snacks, desserts and expressing their gratitude to our officers and staff on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  It is especially meaningful to receive these items and kind words from the kids who are being taught to respect and feel appreciative of the officers who want to keep them, their families and their community safe.

The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office has added another piece of lifesaving equipment to be utilized by our Departmental-Tactical Unit.  The tactical surveillance robot is equipped with adjustable arm, flashlight, strobe light, is night vision capable, has a laser and multiple cameras that have video and audio recording capabilities.  This robot can be used in many different high risk operations such as barricaded persons, hostage situations, operations such as search and rescue in collapsed buildings or hazmat situations. The robot can move furniture, open doors and deliver small packages.  The purchase of this robot was fully funded by several generous donations. We are extremely grateful to the Navarro Community Foundation and the Navarro County 100 Club for their large contributions towards this purchase.  We are very appreciative of these organizations, their members and most of all, their unwavering and long time support of Law Enforcement. Along with the previous years funding which was used towards the tactical robot, this year the Navarro County 100 Club has once again generously made another donation of over $9,000 that we will be using for the purchase of additional tactical equipment for the NCSO Tactical Team.  Again, we are very appreciative for all you have done for the NCSO as your generous donations over the years has enabled us to better serve the citizens of Navarro County.

The NCSO Narcotics Unit conducted a narcotics investigation at an apartment in the 3400 block of W. 7th Avenue, Corsicana. During the investigation, approximately 10.5 grams of methamphetamine in multiple baggies along with additional empty baggies, and drug paraphernalia, were seized with one suspect being arrested.  The suspect was charged with manufacture/delivery of controlled substance over 4 under 200 grams which is a first degree felony offense.  Due to the location of the investigation and arrest being within a drug free zone, the penalties could be enhanced.  

The Sheriff`s Office had approximately 2,962 calls for service in January and our Dispatch received 1,651 calls for assistance to 9-1-1. There were approximately 282 persons arrested and booked into the Navarro County Justice Center and the average daily jail population was 259 inmates. The Narcotics Unit arrested ten suspects, filed six criminal cases and served six outstanding arrest warrants. Twenty-six inmates were transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, eleven other inmates were transferred to State Jail and SAFP Units to serve their sentences.

This month we estrayed two horses, four donkeys and transported them to our county farm at Petty’s Chapel.  We sold 6 estray horses and 1 estray donkey at Elkhart Horse Sale for $1,576.50 dollars. 

We would like to Congratulate Deputy Michael Wafford on his transfer to our courthouse transport unit. We wish you best of luck in your new position. As of February 1, we are fully staffed at the NCSO but we will continue accepting applications for future vacancies.

"You can`t always control circumstances. However, you can always control your attitude, approach, and response." -Tony Dungy 

As always God bless and be safe,

Sheriff Elmer Tanner

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