A repost of a social media threat against a high school in New Mexico prompted a lockdown at Corsicana High School Monday morning while law enforcement and school personnel sorted out the threatening message.

A release from the school district shared the details of local scare that put the school in lockdown. CHS students reported seeing the threatening message on the social media service SnapChat. Students as well as local officials identified the poster as a former student.

Officers from CISD Police, Corsicana Police and the Navarro College Office of Public safety located the former student a short time later in a parking lot at Navarro College. After detaining the suspect, who shared the original post, it was determined that this is a post creating national attention, originally targeting Clovis High School in New Mexico.

The original post shows a person holding a rifle with a caption referring to "CHS" and "going out with a bang."

New Mexico law enforcement had already arrested the person who made the original threat. Despite the arrest, the post has continued to make rounds online, prompting fears at "CHS" schools nationwide.

The district said this incident demonstrates the heightened awareness of school violence threats, and that CISD takes all threats seriously.

Superintendent Dr. Diane Frost said in the district`s statement "Student and staff safety is our top priority. We would do nothing differently. Our staff responded appropriately given the information they received."

CISD spokesman Susan Johnson said the former student who re-posted the threat was questioned and released by police.

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