Navarro County Elections Admistrator Dan Teed advises local voters of a possible scam involving voter registration information. Teed reports that on Monday, two state election offices reported residents receiving phone calls impersonating an organization that provides voter registration assistance. The callers asked the recipients if they wanted to register to vote or request an absentee ballot over the phone.

These calls raise the possibility of voter confusion or follow-on malicious activity. Those who provide information to the callers will not be registered to vote, potentially causing a large number of unregistered residents to appear at their local polling place on Election Day. Those who requested an absentee ballot may contact local election offices seeking their mailed ballot or report requesting the ballot but not receiving it.

Additionally, voter registration requires residents to provide significant personal information, such as date of birth, physical address, or partial Social Security Numbers. It is unclear at this time if the callers requested the sensitive personal information required for registration. If provided, this information could be used to attempt fraudulent voter registration or conduct financially-motivated identity theft. Teed said some Navarro County residents were among those contacted.

Also, Teed reports some organization is apparently harvesting voter information for ballot applications, and is then sending the ballot applications to wrong addresses. This is happening statewide, and is happening here in Navarro County. In the past two days, Sherry Dowd, our County Clerk, has received dozens of ballot applications, and they are not even using her correct address. Also, the Elections Office has received dozens of applications addressed to P.O. Box 1017, instead of 1018. Teed said the post office seems to be delivering them anyway.

The bottom line, Teed says, is this - people should not provide their information to any caller except the Election Office personnel either Dan Teed or Roger Francia at telephone number 903-875-3330, and they should not use any paper except what his office provides or the Secretary of State provides, and they should not use any website except our Navarro County Elections webpage to register to vote.

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