Dear Citizens,

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day with friends and family and that you also took a moment to be grateful and realize all the holiday stands for and why we celebrate it.

This month Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statewide call to stand with law enforcement officers on the anniversary of an ambush-style attack that took the lives of five Dallas officers.

As Brothers In Blue, we turned on our red and blue lights for one minute at 10 a.m. on July 7th.

As Gov. Abbott said "Respect for our law enforcement officials must be restored in this nation. It is our officers who stand between us and all that threatens, and we must stand behind them by sending a clear message that attacks on our men and women in blue will not be tolerated. I ask that all Texans come together to show our appreciation for those who keep us safe."

I would like to say thank you to all those who have supported us, show appreciation and recognize that we take great pride and honor in protecting and serving the great citizens of our community. We ask that you honor and remember them as well as the families they left behind.

This month I recognized seven officers with letters of accommodation for their lifesaving efforts of an inmate and for following policies and procedure and recognizing that this person was in distress after having a heart attack. Those honored included: Detention Sergeant Shelly Sweeney, Nurse Linda Hullett of Southern Health Partners, Detention Officer Paul Wilson, Detention Officer Kelly Hantsche, Detention Officer Anjanette Bostic, Detention Corporal Eddie Perry and Detention Lieutenant Raychaun Ballard. I believe that the unsung heroes of law enforcement are the correctional officers who work in confined spaces with hardened criminals and just don`t get the same recognition as officers on the streets do daily.  Once the cuffs are on and an inmate is booked into our facility, the public often forgets about the criminal because he or she is no longer a threat to society.  I am very proud to have been able to recognize those officers for their hard work and efforts.

Multiple agencies teamed up in relentless pursuit of a man who allegedly robbed a store in Kerens dressed as a woman and fled in a stolen vehicle. The Kerens Police Department called the arrest a huge joint effort between Kerens Police Department, Texas DPS, Navarro County Sheriff`s Department, Corsicana Police Department and Navarro County Constable, David Foreman as the suspect was taken into custody within hours of the alleged crime.  

Over three days this month, the Navarro County Sheriff`s Office hosted a free eight hour Active Shooter Response Training which was made available to all Law Enforcement Officers who work in Navarro County. The training is serious and made to be as close as possible to a real active shooter event. We want to thank our instructors, the officers who participated and especially Lauren Hodge, Jennifer Farmer, Navarro Elementary School staff and the CISD for allowing us to utilize the facility for this very important training.

The NCSO flew our annual DME (Domestic Marijuana Eradication) this month. We partnered with the DEA and other resources to attempt to seek out and eradicate illegal outdoor marijuana grows in Navarro County. During this operation we used helicopters and ground teams to look for these illegal growing operations.

We replaced our old tray washer in the jail with a new commercial tray washer/dryer unit. The entire $45,000 price tag was paid by commission from our inmate commissary fund and did not cost our taxpaying citizens one cent. 

We are proud to announce that we have just received our latest piece of technology for immediate deployment by our Tactical Unit.  The Defense Technology 40 mm multi launcher has now been added to our tactical teams less than lethal arsenal of weapons and munitions.

Congratulations to Deputies Scott Stanley and Patrick Rider on your successful completion of the patrol FTO program this month. Deputy Stanley and Rider are now assigned as a full time Patrol Deputies. Congratulations also to Deputy Matt Swindall on being named as a Cotton Patch first responder of the week.

The Sheriff`s Office had 3,487 calls for service in July and our Dispatch received 2,162 calls for assistance to 9-1-1. There were approximately 371 persons arrested and booked into the Navarro County Justice Center and the average daily jail population was 263 inmates. The Narcotics Unit arrested 13 suspects, filed 13 criminal cases and served six outstanding arrest warrants. Eighteen inmates were transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and 10 other inmates were transferred to State Jail and SAFP units to serve their sentences.

This month we estrayed two bulls, one horse, three cows, and four calves and transported them to the county farm at Angus.  We also recovered $1,285 in estray fees this month and sold $986.43 of estray livestock at Corsicana Livestock Auction.  One cow and 6 calves were sold for $5,395.23 from our county herd at the Corsicana Livestock Auction.  We also baled 26 rolls of hay from our county farm at Petty`s Chapel.


We currently have vacancies in courthouse security and detention.  As in the past, applications will continue to be taken for any vacancy until the position is filled.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given. -Hussein Nishah


As always, God bless and be safe


Sheriff Elmer Tanner

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