The CISD Board of Trustees approved a special election on November 2, 2021
to fill the vacancy left by previous Board President Dr. Kent Rogers who
passed away at the end of January. Dr. Rogers spent 23 years on the school
board, always dedicated to serving in the best interest of the community to
provide the best education for students.

“There are some big shoes to fill on this Board,” said CISD Board President
Leah Blackard. “Knowing that we will have an election in November, I
encourage anyone who is interested in serving on the Board to come to the
meetings and schedule a time with the Superintendent to learn more.”

School board trustees are elected officials of the people who act as the
district’s policy-making body for public education in Corsicana. The Board
functions according to the state and federal laws, the rules and
regulations established by the State Board of Education, the Texas
Education Agency and the will of the people as expressed in district
elections. Elected board members serve 3-year terms without pay. The
seven-member board acts officially only as a group, not as individuals.

“Maintaining high standards as a District to educate every child and
provide opportunities to learn in a safe environment continue to be at the
core of our mission,” said Blackard. “We need good people who are willing
to learn and who are dedicated to serving our community in this capacity.”

The first day to file for a place on the ballot is July 17, 2021. The
information for filing may be obtained from Merill Harrison at the CISD
Superintendent’s Office 2200 W. 4th Ave Corsicana, TX. The election day is
November 2, 2021.