Navarro County COVID-19 Vaccination Portal is now open:
To get vaccinated by Corsicana Fire and Rescue for COVID-19 is a multi-step process.
Step 1: Sign Up
Complete the sign-up form by clicking on the blue "VACCINE REGISTRATION" button on the NCOEM website at
After you hit submit you will be redirected to a confirmation page. You will get two confirmations,
Confirmation Number 1 An email within an hour from confirming receipt. This will be addressed to the person who registered. Please check your junk, spam, or other emails.
Confirmation Number 2 This will come from our mass messaging system. This will include not only email but phone and text. This message will arrive within 48 hours.
The purpose of the two confirmations is to let you know we have your email and your phone numbers in our system and that you are on our list to be vaccinated. These are not appointments.
Having a unique email and phone number in the system helps prevent confusion on who we are trying to communicate to. Our mass messaging system is not able to address a message to a specific recipient. Therefore, it is highly recommended that each person have their own email address to prevent confusion regarding the intended recipient of the message and to assure you receive the message. Do not use the same email address for multiple people if possible.
We have and continue to receive numerous requests. If you have not received a confirmation in 48 hours, then you can call the Navarro County Hotline at 903-875-3977 between 9 am and 4 pm and they can verify your submission. Ask for "confirmations". Please do not resubmit your form. Please do not call the hotline immediately after you submit the form to see if we received it.
Only repeat the sign-up process if:
-You miss your appointment
-It has been more than an hour and have not received a message from covidshot@navarro confirming receipt. Then try one more time, and only 1 more time just in case you typed your email in wrong.
-It has been more than 48 hours and you have not received a confirmation message from our mass messaging system.
Step 2: Receive Your Clinic Appointment & Directions on How to Pre-Register with the Vaccination Clinic
The next time we will communicate with you is when you are scheduled for the vaccination clinic. Demand and vaccine availability will determine how long it will take to get an appointment. When you are scheduled you will receive a notification that provides the following:
The Clinic Site you have been assigned for vaccination
Any pre-registration actions that are required before coming to your appointment. You may be required to register in an electronic medical record and/or download and complete paper forms. What is required varies by each vaccination center. All available forms for all providers can be found on the attachment section of this website, as well as copies of the directions should you misplace yours.
The date, time, and location of the clinic you are scheduled for.
The location of your clinic will only be in the clinic appointment notification.
The clinic is not open to the public without appointments.
Clinics do not take walk-in appointments.
Appointments cannot be rescheduled.
You must start the process over.
Clinic appointments will be sent out at most one to two days in advance.
Right now, demand is far greater than supply, so please adjust your schedule to accommodate your appointment.
Step 3: Getting First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine
On the day of the clinic, remember to bring your ID, your insurance card, and your Consent Form. If you are qualifying because of your job, bring proof of employment such as a work ID, business card, pay stub, etc.
To help prevent long lines, only persons with appointments will be seen.
Step 4: Receiving Your Booster (Second) Dose
At your visit, you will receive a card indicating the approximate time of when your next dose is due. A few days prior to that you will receive another clinic appointment from us telling you where and when to show up for your second dose. If you are not able to make your appointment for a second dose of vaccine you will need to present your paperwork from the first dose to find booster dose clinic options. #vaccinationregistration #COVID19 #navarrocounty #corsicana