Dear Citizens,

I want to say thank you to the Navarro County citizens for voting me "2018
Best of the Best County Law Enforcement Officer." Being voted "Best of the
Best" for five years in a row, I not only feel honored but am truly
humbled, appreciate your ongoing support, encouragement and will continue
to take pride in as well as stay dedicated to serving the citizens of this

Hard to believe summer is already over and students are back in class. As
you well know, back to school time is an important event for our entire
community. Once again, teachers have gotten their classrooms ready,
administrators have worked on school bus routes, staffing and school safety
concerns. Parents are again coordinating work and school schedules, car
pools and support for their child`s activities and studies. Businesses are
helping provide families, teachers and administrators with the supplies and
services they need for a successful school year. Back to school is always
an extremely busy time for everyone and it really does affect us all. So
please, during this busy time, be extra cautious when driving and in
traffic. Be mindful of all our school zones especially during the morning
hours and early afternoons. Keep an extra look out for potential hazards
around our schools and in neighborhoods where children are more active
walking, riding bikes and at play. Slow down and increase your stopping
distances. School buses are back on the road, so be aware of school bus
routes in your neighborhood and throughout your daily travel. Leave plenty
of time and space for buses and with school traffic, anticipate delays in
your travel and leave early enough so you’re not in a rush. Remember there
is now a Middle School on FM 744 in Corsicana and we have added traffic
around an already busy area at school times. Please remember that when
approaching a school zone or school bus on the road, be prepared to stop
for bus and pedestrian traffic and by all means do not text and drive. Obey
ALL "No cell phone" posted signs.

I want to thank all of you who help make our education system an integral,
positive force in our community. Our children are counting on us so let’s
work together to make "Back to School" a rewarding, fun and safe time for
all Navarro County residents.

A big thank you to Lieutenant Melanie Cagle and Pshaun Martin of the NCSO
for your representation, assistance and smiles during the back to school
rally held in Corsicana.

Thank you First Baptist Church of Eureka and your wonderful youth for
visiting and praying with us this month at the courthouse. You blessed us
all with your presence. Your thoughts and prayers of support mean more
than you’ll ever know.

I along with Lieutenant Melanie Cagle proudly presented certificates of
appreciation to the Navarro County Volunteer Fire Association and the Red
Cross of Navarro County at the Navarro County Volunteer Fire Department
Annual banquet this month. We greatly appreciate these organizations,
their members, and all they do for the citizens of Navarro County.

As evolution continues at the NCSO we have replaced the carpet in our
booking area. The old carpet was well over ten years old and as you can see
it was completely worn out. The new laminate flooring should last for many
years to come.

Thank you Kara Clagett for your generous donation of Gatorade and candy and
Second Avenue Baptist Church Corsicana for bringing donuts to the NCSO. We
appreciate your kind gesture and all your thoughts and prayers.

The Kwik Stop gas station located at 2502 SW McKinney Street Rice, Texas
was robbed. Three male suspects entered the store and one suspect
immediately began to discharge a 9mm handgun at the store clerk. The store
clerk was shot numerous times during the robbery. The NCSO, DPS and Rice PD
responded to the location and began an investigation. The Texas Department
of Criminal Justice was contacted and asked to deploy their scent specific
dog(s) to assist with tracking the suspects. After searching throughout the
night and into the next afternoon all three suspects were arrested. I am
very proud of our NCSO officers as well as all other officers and agencies
involved in this investigation including TDCJ Boyd Unit and Beto Unit
personnel. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim of this crime and
for his healing and recovery.

I would also like to recognize and commend the NCSO Deputies and DPS
troopers who responded to another dangerous critical incident in the 3000
Block of NE 1030E Rice. An individual at the location reportedly fired a
rifle numerous times in the direction of two adults while one was holding a
child. The suspect also reportedly threatened them once again with the
rifle as they were attempting to leave the scene in a vehicle. When
officers initially arrived at the location they quickly determined that the
suspect was armed and dangerous and had barricaded himself inside the
residence with four small children. Continual efforts to communicate with
the suspect, or check the status of the children, were unsuccessful. The
NCSO tactical team and crisis negotiations units were then authorized to
deploy to the location. Before the specialized units arrived, the suspect
surrendered to officers as a direct result of on scene negotiations by
Deputies. I am proud to report that all four children were safely rescued
with no injuries reported. We also thank Corsicana Fire and Rescue for
responding and remaining at the site for several hours while this critical
incident was resolved.

Narcotics officers located marijuana plants growing outside a residence in
the 6400 block of SW 3120 in the Corbet community. One suspect has been
arrested and charged with possession of marijuana as a result of the

NCSO Deputies and Narcotics Detectives executed a narcotics search warrant
for a possible methamphetamine lab at a residence on SE 3260 in the Round
Prairie community near Kerens. Deputies seized methamphetamine, associated
precursors, equipment and apparatus utilized in the chemical synthesis of
Methamphetamine. We appreciate our partners from the DEA who responded to
assist us with this investigation.

The Sheriff`s Office had approximately 3,034 calls for service in July and
our Dispatch received 2,129 calls for assistance to 9-1-1. There were
approximately 233 persons arrested and booked into the Navarro County
Justice Center and the average daily jail population was 250 inmates. The
Narcotics Unit arrested nine suspects, filed nine criminal cases and served
two outstanding arrest warrants. Eleven inmates were transferred to the
Texas Department of Criminal Justice and twelve other inmates were
transferred to State Jail and SAFP Units to serve their sentences.

This month we estrayed one cow, four horses, one donkey and transported
them to our county farms at Angus and Petty’s Chapel. We sold one yearling
at Corsicana Livestock Market for $947.18 and two horses at Hubbard
Livestock Market for $281.92 and recovered $2,000.00 dollars in estray fees.

We are pleased to announce and introduce our newest members to the NCSO
team: Holly Coronado, and Zackary James who begin their law enforcement
careers as Detention Officers with us on September 1st. We congratulate
these employees and wish them all the best with their careers here at the

We would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to Lieutenant Joey
Jock who was promoted to Patrol Lieutenant from his former position as
Patrol Sergeant effective September 1st.

Detective Sergeant Jason Earles resigned from the NCSO after 15 years of
dedicated service. We wish Jason all the best with his new career and we
appreciate his committed service to the citizens of Navarro County.

We had two resignations this month and we are currently accepting
applications for vacancies in the detention division. As in the past,
applications will continue to be taken for any vacancy until the position
is filled.

"Conformity is doing what everybody else is doing, regardless of what is
right. Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what everybody is
doing." -Evette Carter

As always, God bless and be safe,

Sheriff Elmer Tanner

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