First, let me say how happy I am to be your new Mayor. After having served
on the City Council for six years, I have a good idea of the challenges
faced by the City and several ideas on how to keep the City moving forward.
I plan to continue the former Mayor’s communication initiative and any ideas
to enhance or expand citizen involvement is welcomed. As a reminder, there are several projects that require updates. First,
major work on the second phase of the reconstruction of 24th Street is
complete. There is minor cleanup and final side street connections to be
done and the road should be open by the end of next week. The third (and
final) phase will begin after school has ended in May. The plan is to have
the third phase well underway before school resumes in the fall. The
project is scheduled to be complete in December of 2017. In addition, the
Roane Road culvert should be complete before the end of the summer as
well. Another project is North 13th Street at Oaklawn. An aging sewer line
located in the roadway has collapsed and will require replacement. This
will not be a simple project and will take several weeks to complete.
Work is underway to design and construct a relocation of the line.
While there is not much visible work going on, there has already been a
great amount of office work completed. The new line will be attached to
the bridge and hangers are being fabricated now. The hangers will be
attached to the bridge soon. There are four manholes to be installed and
at least 400 feet of pipe to be installed. There are numerous locations
that have the potential to collapse so the street will remain closed until
the old line can be pressure filled. The decision has been made to
protect the citizens. Please find an alternate route and know that the
City and contractors are working diligently to complete the project. As always, my door is always open to hear any concerns, compliments, or

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